Nickole c;

Welp My Name Is Nickole, I'm You're Worst Nightmare But Favorite Dream. I Love To Draw, Sing And Write. I Am A Lesbian. c: I'm Currently Engaged To The Most Beautiful Girl In The World And Her Name Just So Happens To Be Skye c: .. I'll Be 15 on April 2.. Hit Me Up c:

I Hope She Sees This Because This Is For Her <3

 My Beautiful and Adoring Wife, Skye I couldn’t LIVE a day without YOU. You are my everything and I mean that with all my HEART and SOUL. I’ll Never Give Up On You and I will always be by your side no matter what. You’re the reason That I get out of bed in the morning and you always will be. Without you my life would have already gone to shit and myself along with it. You’re my rock and you’ve been here for me through a lot and I know that I can be a bitch at times and im sorry. I never mean to be. I NEVER want to hurt you . Okay? You’re My LIFE and I LOVE YOU. Don’t Ever Give Up On Us. You Hear Me? You’re Mine Till The End. I Love You